Top Renovations that Add Home Value

Top Renovations that Add Home Value

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If managed properly, a home can also be a lucrative investment, on top of providing shelter for your family. Whether you are relocating or upgrading, there is no reason why you should not make a profit on the resale. Doing some renovations on the home can go a long way in adding value to your home. There are however some renovations that are more useful than others when it comes to resale value. Whether you hire a professional or do the renovations yourself, here are the top renovations that add home value.


A simple remodeling of the kitchen will add significant value to your home. The renovations can include new floor tiles, new countertops and faucets, replacing cabinet doors and even tearing down a wall to create an open-plan kitchen. If your property is on the high end market, you can also install new and energy-efficient kitchen appliances. The important thing is not to overdo it, as any investment in the renovations should correspond to the entire home’s value.


In the bathroom, consider changing both the floor and wall tiles. Choose tiles with conservative colors and patterns to avoid putting off potential buyers. You can also replace the toilet seat if it is too old and even add a pedestal sink. In some cases, adding an entire bathroom to a property is the best way to increase its value. The only thing to avoid with this plan is sacrificing bedroom space for a new bathroom.

Exterior Renovations

They say first impressions matter a lot, and this also applies to properties for sale. If you get the exterior of the house looking great, someone will be more willing to pay for it. This involves doing some landscaping work on the lawn, maintaining a neat garden, investing in a new front door and even adding some lighting on the garden. Consider a repainting job if the paint is old and chipped so as to give the best possible first impression.

Adding Extra rooms

You do not need to build an entirely new room for you to make this work. You can simply convert some spaces in the house into bedrooms or additional living space. For example, you can renovate a garage and convert it into an extra room. New owners will decide what to do with the space. You can also convert your loft into an extra bedroom to appeal to buyers with larger families.

There are obviously many other renovations you can make to your home, but the above are the most effective in Orange County, CA. The renovations will depend on the type of home you have, the type of client you want to attract and your budget.

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